Top 5 Pet Peeves about Yard Sales, Read Each One Twice

This is a Top 5 List, not a Top 10, but I am exhausted from being the Bride of Frankenstein, so just read each of these twice!

Realize when you read these, I am not being a Negative Nancy. My concern is for the public. You have worked hard. You got up early. You probably fought with either your husband or your kids already this morning. You have decided that Today is the Day that “This crap is not coming back into this house” has been uttered for the last time this year. I am your customer. I get up each and every Saturday morning to come and find you, and to give you my hard earned money. So, here, for your education and information are:

“My Top 5 Pet Peeves about Yard Sales” OR “How to make me spend all of my money at YOUR Yard Sale!”

5. Too Much Information: Make your signs legible FROM THE ROAD! I can’t slow down enough to read little bitty words! I don’t know if you’re having a Yard Sale, you’re selling your house, or you’ve lost you cat. Just a BIG “YARD SALE” sign with an arrow will get me off the road and headed in your direction, I promise!

4. Too Little Information: Now that you’ve got a Great Big Sign, put some little ones along the way so I know I am going in the right direction! Nothing worse than getting down in a neighborhood only to find NO MORE SIGNS to help guide me! I really want to find you! Help me!! (it is inconvenient for the man walking his 3 dogs to be forced to tell me the way back to the road. How do I know? Because he looked at me like he was being inconvenienced while the dogs were pulling him along as he pointed north).

3. Price your stuff BEFORE I get there! It’s okay to say, “All kids clothes are a dollar” or something like that, but don’t say, “Well, just show it to me and I’ll make you a price.” I have 46 yard sales to get to, and exactly $37.85 to spend, so I need to know if it is worth my time.

2. This is a YARD SALE. I am not going to pay $10.00 for a pair of 2T pajamas. That kind of pricing is for consignment selling. Unless you want to tote most of it back in the house, price your stuff to MOVE! I will move it for you!!

And finally, #1. Don’t mislead the public. Do not say you are having an Estate Sale for me to drive all the way there and you have put out a Harlequin Romance, 2 toasters and a vacuum cleaner with no cord. Because, see, you’re my first sale of the day. You have made it sound as if your sale may be the only one need to hit. I am coming to you, first, Estate Sale, because you have made an impression. I really want to find a deal, give you my money, and make it McDonald’s before the 8:oo crowd hits. I’ve got 45 more sales to get to! Let ME give YOU my money!

Simple, see? Now, y'all do better next Saturday.


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  1. Love your blog! I can't stand going to the yard sales that look more like a junk sale! Where they have what looks like their whole house out on the lawn!

    1. Well, thank you for coming by to visit! Yes, I usually do a drive by on those! Gas is too expensive to drive to one that is promised to be a treasure, and it turns out to be trash!! Be Sweet~~


  2. I don't get to go to yard/garage sales because I have to work on Saturday. But I loved reading your post! Have a great weekend.


  3. Thank you, Holly! Don't work too hard tomorrow! I won't be going to any either :(


  4. Yard sales aren't my faves. I prefer auctions where I don't have to haggle to get my deal but I agree with what you've said! ~ Maureen

  5. Vicky, you have hit the nail on the head, I too do not even stop at a sale if it looks like they just threw it out there, and like things marked with price, dont like the haggling for what they might consider the junk their getting rid of that might be a treasure to me. There should be rules for them to follow somewhere, maybe you could write an e-book. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend, Karren xoxo

  6. You've been tagged on my blog for 11 questions
    please come to my blog and get your 11 questions to post to your blog..
    I can't wait to see your answers..



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