"Top 10 Things to do when You Feel Like you are Going To Lose It if One More Thing Goes Wrong"

Well, really this is a DON'T DO List....but that title sounded better in the series.
  1. DON'T make any rash decisions. Deciding that the dog needs to have his coat shaved down to his skin just because dog hair is EVERYWHERE is something you will regret.

  2. DON'T call someone you are mad at because it really will NOT make you feel so much better to ruin somebody else's day.

  3. DON'T resign from being class mother because you DO NOT HAVE TIME TO MAKE ANOTHER DOZEN CUPCAKES. Listen, when my twin brother and I came along, my oldest sister was 17, and my next oldest sister was 5. On the first day of Kindergarten, my Mama said, “If they ask if your mama can bring something for the class, DON'T raise your hand.”

  4. DON'T go to Starbucks and order a Venti Espresso Frappuccino with a Caramel Macchiato chaser. 
  5. DON'T go out for retail therapy, UNLESS you are ONLY shopping for shoes. Shoes make you feel better. Virtually everything else will not fit right, or make you look fatter, shorter or paler than you really are. That will make your day spin wholly out of control. Trust me. I have left a shopping excursion because I couldn't find jeans that fit only to go straight through a McDonald's drive thru and get a super-sized Big Mac Combo. You think that dadgum clown all smiley and such would make you feel better about things. He does not. If you look into his eyes, he is mocking you and you debilitated willpower.

  6. DON'T watch the news. All they talk about is bad stuff. They may throw in a 30 second spot about a dog going into a burning house to save his owner, but then that will only make you feel worse about wanting to shave your dog. He is genetically disposed to shed, AND you agreed to let him stay in the house.

  7. DON'T sit and stew about the last time your husband did something romantic for you. Just don't.

  8. DON'T go into any closet in your house unless it is absolutely necessary. I mean go into your closet to get your clothes and things, but stay away from the hall closet, the linen closet and the closet where the winter coats are stored.

  9. DON'T look for batteries. Just go out and buy some more. Or tape. Or pens. Get some poster board while you are out because eventually, some child that belongs to you will need it at 9pm at night.

  10. DON'T forget the therapeutic benefits of watching videos of cute kittens on You Tube. (See Day One of series).
  14. Whatever Numbers.
  16. Here are the links to the rest of the series!
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  1. Love your list! Such good advice in such a clever way! Thanks so much for sharing!


    1. Thank you! You are so sweet!! I hope you are having a great day!

  2. Ha ha ha! Gotta love watching cute kittens! Following you back. Looking forward to getting to know you! xxoo -Kim SoCal Mom

    1. Well, thank you so much for the follow! Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  3. Oh man, number 5 is my favorite. HOW TRUE IS THAT??? I have had way too many shame spirals in the Target dressing room when all I was trying to do was feel better. lol Awesome post.

    1. So glad I am not alone. I have just started wearing a t-shirt on over my bathing suit. I've just given up.

  4. Re #5 - If you live in Northport and are driving through a fast-food restaurant, don't go to Mickey D's, because you might get Hepatitis from them. It was in the Tuscaloosa News.

  5. I need this list today. It has been one of THOSE days!!!

    Also, so funny that I stumbled upon your blog today...I just wrote an entry about routine, and one of them was why it's important for me to make my bed! lol. Can't say I do it everyday though, and when I was a kid, my parents never made me, so my bed was rarely ever made up...only when I was personally having company who would see it..lol.


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