Finding Love at the Thrift Store

Well, I was not looking for love, but I think he was. Now, hold on...I've got to set up the situation. THEN we'll get to him. (For the record, at the time this was happening, I was starting to learn how to sell on Ebay. I had a great group of women teaching me the ins and outs! I never could make a go at it, but I still love haunting thrift stores, anyway!)

I had already been at the thrift store for about 2 hours. I was hot, I smelled like the thrift store, I desperately wanted to wash my hands, and I seriously needed some sweet tea. HOWEVER, I had not yet looked at the stuffed animals. The aisles are so little over there and my thrift store has these big 'ol bugggies that are used (sorry pre-owned) from various stores. So, usually one wheel is pointing in a different direction or there is an unknown substance on one of the wheels or you know, just a bad buggy, but it is still probably one of the best ones. It sort-of hops down the aisle. (For my neighbors who aren't blessed to live in the South, you probably refer to this as a shopping cart). Bless your heart.

Okay. So sorry. I get side-tracked.