Yard Sale Finds Add Chic Country Ambience to Local Woman's Home

How do like that newspaper headline?!? Yeah, well is it fictitious. I made it up. I mean, the local news would not do that story, I am sure...and Southern Living has not discovered me yet!

I thought I would use this stormy, rainy day to highlight where I have incorporated my recent YS finds into my decorating scheme. The public wants to know! (Caveat: no one has actually ASKED me to share this, but I figured they are just too intimidated. I can't blame them. Genius is intimidating. I personally feel right at home in the pages of Country Living or Southern Living. They've not asked me either).
No matter...it's not a hill for a climber. If you've read this long, you probably are interested, right? Let's get going!
The horseshoe box is from this post... The rooster and table are redo's from my Rooster Design
Days. So sorry I did not take before pictures. The table was green with a picture of a farmhouse scene on top. A rooster was figured prominently in that picture . I primed over all of that nonsense and then painted it off white. (I am sure the paint had a name, like Cloud White or Lambswool or something). I really like how it turned out. Then, I dusted over the rooster "Almond" white. (That is the actual name of that paint. I remember that because it hints at something you eat. Much easier to remember those names!) The wreath I already had somewhere else in rotation.

Now, in this configuration:
I used items from the 5/1/2010 sale ...the pictures and the Milk Bottle. The bowl was bought at the 4-25-2010 sale.

Yes, you noticed didn't you! That is the table I now use on the porch.

Since this picture was taken, I have rearranged that wall.
The refrigerator wouldn't open all the way which bothered the Head of the Household. I personally can suffer through for the sake of design. Whatever. He is the head of the household, and I never question his decisions. (Have you read this post? The one where I almost cut my toes off on the bathtub? Well, don't.)
Here is that wall now. That table is from a yard sale about 2 years ago. It had previously held a spot in my bedroom. There is the Milk bottle, and the bowl f
ull of balls. (What? are you 14?) Also, I used the brown jug from the 4/25/2010 sale.

The churn and rolling pin belonged to my Granny Bonner. (BTW, she actually used these items. I don't cook, so they are most use to me in a display which reminds me daily of what a great cook she was!)

Actually, I like this arrangement better. I am glad I decided to redo this wall. The fact that the fridge door now opens all the way is a simply matter of coincidence.

Here are the lanterns from last week's sale, redone: Before and after, then on the porch:

Okay. I have used some more of the items, but the batteries are dead in my camera. The next demonstration of my decorating genius will have to wait until another rainy day.

Glad I could satisfy my public! Y'all take care!

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  1. I am SO sorry the post looks awkward! I tried and tried to fix it!! I am not a genius when it comes to this Blogger thing sometimes!

  2. I think it looks great. I like the taller table there. I have some rooster stuff too that I no longer want. Not sure what to do with them, CL maybe. Those lanterns are so cute!

  3. I really like those fern pictures, you have a pretty space there

  4. You crack me up!!

    I love the news "story" that you wrote about yourself!!!

    And all the vignettes you created with your thrifty treasures (I remmeber the lanterns from before!) are WONDERFUL!!

    Many blessings to you,
    Lana in Huntsville, AL

  5. Great finds! Love the lanterns!

  6. You are funny! Who cares about the pictures being crooked anyway? We can see that you did cool stuff. I prefer a well-written blog to one with perfect magazine shots.


  7. I ♥ your wall, especially with the tall, narrow table.


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