Oh, My Word!!

Y'all! I have been featured in two different blogs!! I am brand-spanking new at blogging, so I am beside myself! No, I am so excited I am between myself!!

I am so new that I don't know how to add my "I've been featured" button. I got it, don't know what to do with it!!

So, you can find my well-deserved!*(...stop Vicky. Humility please) praise at Someday Crafts, and "Shopping Your House" at dirty hands, beautiful life

Happy Dance...doodle-doo-doo! doodle-doo-doo! (That is the music playing in my head...just hum along!)


(*attempt at humor...do not take me seriously. I am highly intelligent, and moderately good-looking, but funny, um, you decide. I am humbled to have been recognized!)


  1. Haha! Vicky, you just made my day! It's such a great feeling when you get featured isn't it?!

    Thanks for swinging by my blog! And Bells of Ireland are my favorites too. :)


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